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 Application Guide+Rules! READ

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PostSubject: Application Guide+Rules! READ   Tue Jul 12, 2011 9:00 pm

Current Rules:
  • Please do not post "Thank you" to every support post that is posted
  • If your thread is closed because you posted it incorrectly you ARE aloud to make another one, but if is closed because you don't meet the requirements, don't post it againg UNTIL you do meet the requirements!
  • Staff members constantly monitor forums, anyone with a spammed postcount will be AUTOMATICALLY denied. Period.
  • No supporting yourself/support from the same IP adress
  • If your application is denied, you must wait ONE WEEK before re-applying.
  • If you are posting on someone elses application thread, please only post once
  • If you ask anyone to support you on your thread it WILL be automatically denied.
  • As said above follow the rules and guidelines of posting applications or your app will be closed!
  • No posting on your own app!

Current Requirements:
Required Postcount to Apply for Developer: 25+

What are you applying for:
Current Postcount
Average Time Online Daily:
Time Zone:

Why you deserve this Position:

About you:
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Application Guide+Rules! READ
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